24hrs Dubai – #24 of 24 All to play for and all to lose

Weirdly this is my penultimate post in this little challenge, the podium will be the last one.

The past hour has felt a bit fantic in the pits. To add to the pressure of very close racing there has also been the issue of teams needing to serve penalties accumulated through the race (largely for speeding!!)

Because the race has had so few stoppages this year a new distance record, exactly what the record will be is not know yet because there is still another 45 minutes to go.

24hrs Dubai – #23 of 24 Sand storm as we enter the final 2 hrs

Visibility is reducing and life is getting uncomfortable for everyone in pit lane as the wind picks up at the start of the final 2 hrs.

For the driver taking over the controls of the leading car its got to be tense times, its all for him to loose.

24hrs Dubai – #22 of 24 Nearly there

For Black Falcon, the team running the car currently leading, the next couple of hours will be spent tensely watching the monitors.

Here in the media centre a lot of the work is done, just the end game to be played

After 24hrs of taking photos its getting more difficult to post images that arent same same. I’m tired and I can feel its getting more and more difficult to be creative. I’ve shot in the region of 2.5 thousand frames and so many of them are panning shots. I dont want or need to shoot any more panning shots!!

Here are some slightly different shots from the past hour in and around the pits